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In Memoriam

We would like to honor those who have served or volunteered for either the St. Paul Police K9 Department or the St. Paul Police K9 Foundation. 


Officer Ed Beuhlman

Ed Buehlman was a founding member of the st. paul police K9 department. He served the department for 1957- 1977 but continued to stay involved with the department. He often came to the k9 graduations held every spring and other department related events. He was honored with the “Chiefs Award” for his volunteer work with the Saint Paul Police Historical Society.  Mr. Buehlman died October 2019 at 97 years old.


Larry Kelly

Larry (Lawrence) Kelly, a USN Seabee Vietnam Veteran and former foundation president, died March 2018. Larry was president of the St. Paul Police K9 Foundation for over 20 years. His time and effort  was the driving force behind the K9 foundation's success today and will continue to inspire us in the future. 


K9- Kody

Kody was killed in the line of duty while assisting Officer Longben, Ramsey County Sheriff’s office and the US Marshals as they served a warrant at a home. Kody located the suspect in the basement then was killed by the suspect. End of watch 2/12/2013


Officer Timothy Jones & K9 Laser

Officer Timothy Jones volunteered ,on his day off ,to help with the search for a suspect who had murdered a fellow officer Ron Ryan earlier that day. Both were ambushed and killed by the suspect. End of watch 8-26-94.

The death of Officer Tim Jones and his k9 Laser are one of the driving forces behind starting our foundation. 

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