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Welcome to the St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation!

Our Mission

Following the tragic death of Officer Timothy Jones and K-9 Lazer, the St. Paul Police K-9 Unit Foundation was formed, a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. It's mission is to provide financial support for the St. Paul Police K-9 Unit and other affiliated units and agencies. The strong support from the public has allowed us to provide this support for not only for the St. Paul Police K-9 unit but has allowed us the opportunity to assist other law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota.


The foundation promotes positive police and community relations between the K-9 Unit and surrounding area businesses, organizations, and individuals.  It creates public participation in a proactive program of awareness and education about the role of K-9 officers.  While entirely independent of the City of St. Paul Police Department, the St. Paul Police K-9 Foundation collaborates with the K-9 Unit to identify and prioritize special needs that are not funded through the City of St. Paul’s ordinary budgeting process. The Saint Paul Police K-9 Foundation is a 501c(3) non profit charity.

Thanks Leben's Floral & Garden!!

“K9 Rex says these flowers are only for sniffing. Thanks to Leben’s Floral and Garden at Old Town Market in Hugo for helping to beautify the St. Paul Police K9 Unit.”



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