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Common Questions

What breed(s) of dogs do the St.Paul K9 Department Use?

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the two most commonly used in the St. Paul Police Department. 

Where does the department purchase their dogs?

We source our dogs from Europe. Mainly Germany and other central european contries. American breeders are generally breeding for show and will not have the mental drive, conformation, or health that the European breeders aim for. There is also a larger population of dogs bred for police work.

Does the department take donated dogs?

No, the department stopped accepting donated dogs in the early 2000’s. It was found that it was a better investment to purchase a dog from a reputable breeder that guarantees the dogs. They will replace any dogs that have for whatever reason failed to meet our standards for training and have shown to have less health problems

When K9's retire and what happens to them when they do retire?

Retirement age is on a case by case basis for each K9. Generally, they will work till around 8 or 9 years old. Their health status will largely determine their longevity in the job. Dogs with a clean bill of health will work to an older age than those with old injuries or other health concerns. 

All retired dogs live at home with their handlers and families.  

What are the fundraising proceeds used for?

100% of the proceeds go towards expenses that are not covered by the state/city budget for the department. These expenses could include dogs, training equipment, veterinary bills (outside of routine care), training for officers, covering expenses of national competitions, assisting with costs of retired dogs, and more.

More Questions?

We will have more answers coming soon!

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