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Board Of Directors

President: Randy Sparling

Vice President: Terry Wold

Treasurer: Jane Tschida

Secretary: Position Dave Gustafson

Social Media & Website Administrator Lori Schmieg 

Volunteer Coordinator:  Vacant

                                                   Board Members: Jake Boerboon, Esther Brown, Stephen Boerboon, Kirsten Christopherson,

                                                  Wayne Harmon, Joe Kaufman, Dave Kuehl, Dan Perry, Kyle Raasch, Jerry Romero, Lori Schmieg,

                                                  Randy Sparling, Michael Trenda, Jane Tschida, Colleen Winegar, Christine Wisch, and Terry Wold 

S.P.P.D. K-9 Commander (Ex-Officio): Jeremy Ellison

S.P.P.D. K-9 Unit (Ex-Officio): Sgt. Pat Murphy

S.P.P.D. K-9 Unit (Ex-Officio): Sgt. Mike McAlpine

S.P.P.D. K-9 Unit (Ex-Officio): Sgt. Steve Lentsch


Foundation Accomplishments

Dogs: k9s for SPPD as needed since 2000, assist with veterinary bills not covered by city, assist with expenses for retired K-9s

Facilities: Addition to training center (Classroom, Commanders Office, Sgt. Office, restroom, breakroom), concrete patio and sidewalk, storage shed, field lighting, kennels including grooming equipment.

Training: Two new sets of agility training equipment, funds for training staff to attend training seminars

Misc: funds for National Team expenses, provided ballistic helmets and body armor for all k9 handlers, provide ballistic vests to K-9s, miscellaneous supplies not provided for in the k9 Unit budget

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